Saturday, 18 May 2013

Lala Madham Vol-1 lawn collection 2013 for women


Lala textile is one of the most famous and popular fabric providers in pakistan .Lala provides premium fabrics and normal printed fabrics both for preparing stylish and modish dresses.Lala ,sMadham Volume 1 lawn collection 2013  for women is going tobe released soon. Traditional ,stylish and beautiful designs being presented in differents colours  in Lala,s Madham vol 1 lawn collection 2013 for women.
This collection consists of embroidered shirts,chiffon dupattas ,trousers and other such extras with the suits.Charming and lovely colours are used in Lala,s Madham vol 1 lawn collection 2013 for women.Lala,s   Madham vol 1 has been designed with laces, elements of patches and traditional designs are  used to bring forth traditional elements.Traditional  Kashmir and Islamic  embroideries through bold crashing hues,vivical floral colors -ways ,Madham vol 1 will be available in 6 different designs  .so, we can say that this collection is perfect for preparing beautiful causal wear and party wear dresses.
Lalas textile was  established  many years ago and in recent times it has stands among the top names whose are providing stylish women fabrics in pakistan.Lala,s textile provides all types of fabrics for women such as simple printed fabrics , premium fabrics,embroidered fabrics,lawn and linen etc.There are different retail brands owned by Lala such as Sana and Samia , La femme,Kesa and lala classic etc. Lala,s textile presented several new collections in a season.for example , this summer just a few weeks back,Lala present Dahlia lawn collection 2013 volume 1 and 2.In recent times,we also saw its cillection at PFDC sunsilk fashion week.Lala,s  provided  theses colections at many leading fabrics stores in pakistan.
Lala,s Madham vol 1 lawn collection 2013 for womem will be available through these fabrics stores  from monday 20th May 2013.
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