Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Monsoon Festivana 2013 volume 2 by AL-Zohaib textile

Al-Zohaib textile is a well-known name for fabrics provider for women in Pakistan. It presents large numbers of different types of unstitched clothes for women every season. Monsoon Festivana 2013 volume 2 for women by Al-Zohaib textile was launched and now available nationwide .In fact, Monsoon Festivana is specially designed for upcoming Eid event 2013. Monsoon Festivana has embroidered dresses like the previous Monsoon Festivana collection 2013. This collection consists of superb pattern and lovely prints with beautiful embroidery work. So, you can make trendy, stylish and modish dresses from unstitched fabrics in Monsoon Festivana 2013 volume 3 by Al-Zohaib textile.

Al-Zohaib textile established in 2003 since than it is providing best quality fabrics. Mostly it provides fabrics for women. In this category it has a wide range of fabrics. They have presented many different collections in the last year and this year they have also released many different collections. Some of them have embroidered fabrics and some of them have only printed fabrics. Some of the collections launched in summer 2013 by Al-Zohaib textile were Karma lawn, Rizwan Beyg lawn, Anum classic lawn, Mahimaan designer and now Monsoon Festivana. All these collections by al-Zohaib textile are available through fabrics store nationwide and online.
Monsoon Festivana 2013 volume 2  for women by Al-Zohaib textile now available at all fabrics stores all over the country and online. You can see the picture of Monsoon Festivana 2013 volume 2 for women by Al-Zohaib textile below. Ainy Jaffri and Dr Shaista Wahidi are modeled for Monsoon Festivana 2013 for women volume 2 by Al-Zohaib textile.
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