Monday, 27 January 2014

Thara’s Engagement Dresses 2014

Thara’s Engagement Dresses 2014 
Engagement dresses 2014 by Thara’s has exposed recently. Engagement dresses 2014 by Thara’s are quite unique and stunning. Before Thara’s Engagement dresses 2014 a very few brands have released the collections of engagement dresses. Mostly, the brands released bridal wear dresses or wedding dresses. 

Thara’s Engagement dresses 2014 are quite different from bridal wear dresses. Thara’s Engagement dresses 2014 are gorgeous but they are not as fancy as the wedding dresses. Thara’s Engagement dresses 2014 are traditional. Long shirts with churidaar pajama, lehangas and shararas can be seen in Thara’s Engagement dresses 2014.  The embellishment of beautiful embroidery makes this collection marvelous. Beautiful and lovely colors are used for Thara’s Engagement dresses 2014 such as blue, purple, grey, black,  ferozi , pink and many more. 
Thara’s is a famous fashion brand of Pakistan. It provides clothes for men and women both. The brand provides western and eastern clothes both.  The brand provides sherwani, suiting, kurta shawar, shirt, T shirts for men and bridal shararas, sari, maxi and party dresses for women. Apart from that the brand also provides other fashion accessories such as watches, belts, shoes, sleepers, tie and etc,etc.  The brand was founded in year 2000. Thara’s was formed as a partnership between two creative people, Tufail and Fahad Thara. The brand has a few outlets through which clothes can be obtained. 
Here are some pictures of Thara’s Engagement dresses 2014. Just wait a bit here and have a look at Thara’s Engagement dresses 2014. The dresses of Thara’s Engagement dresses 2014 are unique and exclusive in their designs. So, if you are searching for engagement dresses, Thara’s Engagement dresses 2014 are great for you.
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