Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Summer Shoes Trends 2014 For Women

 Summer Shoes Trends 2014 For Women  
As we know that shoes are the main fashion accessories for the women that over all complete their whole personality and looks. In summer and winter we see various types of shoes styles and trends. Now, summer season has started and the fashion market has got overloaded with some of the fashionable and trendy looking summer shoes trends 2014 for women. Here we will discuss some summer shoes styles 2014 for women.

Printy And Glossy

Printy and glossy shoes are one more time back in the fashion market for the women. Theses summer shoes are adorned with the designs of Python, snake skin, fish skin and floral prints. Theses summer shoes 2014 for women are available in different colors and designs.  The girls and women them when they are highlighted in the styles of pink leopard print high ankle, platform heel boots as well as pointed toe boots.

Glass Heel

Glass heel is on e of the stylish summer shoes trends 2014 for women. Plexi wedge and the floral prints are added in this summer shoes trends 2014 for women. Ankle strap are also added with this styles that will make you feel comfortable to wear. 

Metallic, Metallic 

Metallic style of shoes is one of the favorite one. In summer shoes styles Metallic shoes are grabbed in the colors of metallic gold, silver and black. Metallic shoes styles are all designed out with the strap at the ankle along with heel covered by means of the fabricated floral net and zipper.

Pointed Toes

Pointed shoes are one of the fashionable looking styles of shoes that are accompanied with the gold pencil heel, wide white straps and black buckle. 
Here are some pictures of summer shoes trends 2014 for women. Just wait a Bit here and have a look at summer shoes trends 2014 for women. Which one is your favorite summer shoes styles?

              Summer Shoes Trends 2014 For Women          

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