Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Kashish Linen 2014-15 Volume 1 By Al-Hamra Fabric

Al-Hamra Fabric has launched their latest and exclusive linen dresses 2014-15 for women. Theses linen dresses are released as the mane of Kashish Linen. Al- Hamra textile has launched the volume 1 of theses linen dresses. Theses linen dresses are launched for the winter season 2014-15. Theses stylish and beautiful Kashish linen dresses are perfect for winter days. Kashish linen dresses are available in reason prices.
Kashish linen collection 2014-15 for women has a wide range of beautiful designs and styles that caters the needs of different types of women. All the Kashish linen dresses are looking attractive in their eye-catching color schemes. Three piece suits in which printed linen shirt, printed linen dupatta and linen trousers are added in Kashish linen collection 2014-15. Theses dresses are ideal for causal wear, office wear and seasonal happening. Theses linen dresses are designed according to the current fashion trends and styles. Newest prints and styles makes theses linen dresses most beautiful. Soft and darker colors are available in Kashish linen collection 2014-15 for women by Al-Hamra textile. 

Al-Hamra textile is one of the prominent and top listed textile firms in Pakistan. It was started its working in the field of fashion in year 1994 since then it is providing best quality material.  Al-Hamra textile has launched their fall/winter collections 2014 for women under different categories. Kashish linen collection 2014-15 for women has been launched in recent time by Al-Hamra textile. 

Here are few images of theses linen dresses 2014-15 for women by Al-Hamra fabrics. Let’s check out Al-Hamra Textile Kashish linen collection 2014-15 volume 1 for women.


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