Sunday, 17 May 2015

JK Wear Summer 2015-16 dresses / Summer Tunic 2015-16

JK wear has released summer collection 2015 for women. JK wear summer collection 2015 for women comprises Tops, shirts and tunic. JK summer collection 2015 is available in different mode and colors.
JK wear summer tunics, tops and long shirts are made with Boski, malai and cotton fabrics that are available at he prices of  750, 850,1000,1050,1100, 1150, 1250,1300, 1350, 1450,1530, 1550 PKR. JK summer dresses 2015 for women have been adorned with embroidery and prints. Women will find JK summer collection 2015 in different colors like fawn, sky blue, violet, black, peach, lime yellow, brown, pink, green and so many other colors. JK wear summer tunics, tops and shirts can be paired with tights, skinny pants, trousers, tights and leggings. 

JK Wear Summer Collection 2015-16/ Summer Tunic 2015 

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