Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Loss Weight 3 To 5 KG In Just 1 Month With Roses / Weight Lose Tip 2015

Here in this post we are sharing a most effect tip to weight loses. You can decrease your weight 3 to 5 KG just in one month with flowers. The ingredients are;
  • Red Rose Flower:  10 
  • Water: 1 litter or 1 Jug
  • Cinnamon:  2 pieces 
  •  Kalonji (Black seed): 1 to 2 teaspoon 
  •  Lemon:  half (optional)
Firstly, wash down the roses properly. Then, put rose flowers, cinnamon pieces and kalonji or black seeds in water and boil the water well. Cool this water and drink it at whole day. When, you drink this rose water squeeze half lemon in it for better flavor. Lemon is not obligatory.  This drink will help to loss your weight 3 to 5 Kg just in 1 month. It will also keep your skin clean and gleaming. Drink this water regularly 1 month for good result. Must, try it.  

 Weight Lose Tip 2015/ Loss Weight With Flowers

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