Thursday, 23 February 2017

Jubilee Swiss Voil Lawn- Rania Suiting- Laaj EMB Kurti- Karam Kurti 2017-18

Jubilee textile has come up with their 1st volume of latest and amazing spring summer range 2017-18. It has brought wide variety of spring summer stuff under different categories. It has launched Jubilee swiss voil lawn collection 2017-18 volume 1, Karam embroidered kurti 2017-18 volume 1; Laaj kurti embroidered 2017-18 volume 1, Rania suiting 2017-18 volume 1.  Let’s have a glanced at all these spring summer collections 2017-18 by Jubilee. 

                   Jubilee Swiss Voil Lawn 2017-18 

        Jubilee Spring summer Rania Suiting 2017-18

      Jubilee Laaj Embroidered Spring summer Kurti

        Jubilee Spring summer Karam Kurtis 2017-18 

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