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Fahad Hussayn Latest Lawn Collection 2013 by Ittehad Textiles

Fahad Hussayn is one of the talented fashion designer of Pakistan. Fahad Hussayn is a fashion designer who has been running his fashion designing since 2007. Fahad Husayn has came in this field with this goal to give you style according to the latest fashion trend. Fahad Hussayn has presented so many collections before this. Recently he is back with Fahad Hussayn lawn collection by ittehad textiles.

Ittehad textiles is one of the most popular and oldest mill of Pakistan. Ittehad textiles has been presenting their collection regularly for women according to every seasons from many years back. In recent times, Itthad textiles has launched their lawn collection for the women. This collection is perfect for fashion lover women who like stylish and dazzling dresses as causally and formally. Fahad hussayn has entitled this lawn collection by print museum collection.
Fahad Hussayn lawn collection 2013 has totally contains on eastern outfits crafted with western look. In this collection dresses are ornamented with little bit embroidery. The prints of the dresses are in art form and they are so attractive and beautiful. The design of Itthad textile lawn collection 2013 are eye-catching and attention grabbing. The ornamentation of bright shades has made these dresses tremendous and charming. The colors of the dresses that has used for Itthad textiles lawn collection 2013 by Fahad Hussayn are yellow, hot pink, blue, gray, black, purple and etc etc. Moreover, there is a various creativity by Fahad Hussayn that will give you absolutely a gorgeous and attractive look.

Itthad textiles latest lawn collection 2013 has contains on long A-line shirts and froks with churidar pajama, tights and trousers.

Here are some pictures of Itthad textile lawn collection 2013 by Fahad Hussayn.

Fahad-Hussayn-Ittehad-Textiles-1[] Fahad-Hussayn-Ittehad-Textiles-2[] Fahad-Hussayn-Ittehad-Textiles-3[]
 Fahad-Hussayn-Ittehad-Textiles-4[] Fahad-Hussayn-Ittehad-Textiles-5[] Fahad-Hussayn-Lawn-Collection-1[]
 Fahad-Hussayn-Lawn-Collection-2[] Fahad-Hussayn-Lawn-Collection-3[] Fahad-Hussayn-Lawn-Collection-4[]
 Fahad-Hussayn-Lawn-Collection-5[] Fahad-Hussayn-Print-Museum-3[] Fahad-Hussayn-Print-Museum-4[]
 Fahad-Hussayn-Print-Museum-5[] Fahad-Hussayn-Print-Museum-6[] Ittehad-Textiles-Lawn-Collection-1[]
Fahad Hussayn Latest Lawn Collection 2013 by Ittehad Textiles Fahad Hussayn Latest Lawn Collection 2013 by Ittehad Textiles Reviewed by Noor Fatima on Sunday, February 24, 2013 Rating: 5

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