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Libas Lawn Spring Summer Collection 2013

It was a time in Pakistan when women were not enough familiarity about fashion trends. People had a limited approach about fashion trend in Pakistan. Only some people were busy in latest fashion development and a few people adopted these fashion styles. Now we can see around us that this concept has totally changed, fashion trends and styles are changing and people specially women are much interested in latest fashion trends and updates in Pakistan. With this fast changing fashion trends it is difficult for fashion conscious to choose a suitable and stylish dress. Fashion designers have solved this problem, now every type of dresses is available in Pakistan. Many top fashion brands, fashion designer and textiles industries are working well for providing stylish and latest dresses to the people according to their demands.

Shariq textile is also one of them who are trying to fulfill the people demands. Shariq textile has recently exposed their latest libas collection for girls and women. In fact , Shariq textile have decided to provide unique and maximum clothing to the women of Pakistan .Every season Shariq textile  has presented stylish and excellent clothing for seasonal use as for as special occasions. Shariq textile’s team is doing an admirable work in fashion market.

The latest libas collection 2013 by Shariq textile is the example of their fabulous work which they have provide this season for their customers. This collection is one of the greatest summer collections of the season. Libas lawn collection 2013 consists of three piece suits for women. Shirts, trousers, and dupattas are included in this collection and they are in unstitched form. Libas  lawn collection 2013 has consists of embroidery shirts. Libas lawn collection 2013 has elegant outfits in energetic and attractive colors that are according to the latest fashion style in Pakistan.

 Here are some pictures of libas lawn collection 2013by shariq textile. Amna Ilyas, Sadaf Kanwal, Fouzia Aman and Mahroosh Yasir are models in this collection. Lets have a look.

Libas Lawn Spring Summer Collection 2013 Libas Lawn Spring Summer Collection 2013 Reviewed by Noor Fatima on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 Rating: 5

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