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Nishat Spring Summer Collection 2013 For Women

Nishat textile mill has launched the spring summer collection 2013 for ladies. The collection has a great number of different designs. In this collection of nishat floral, geometric and abstract design can be seen. The design of the nishat spring summer collection can be divided in to 6 categories based on fabrics. These categories are brochia, ruffle chiffon, voile, plain chiffon, charmouse chiffon and embroidered chiffon. From the fabrics of nishat linen spring summer collection 2013 the stylish and fashionable dresses can be created for party wear and casual wear.
in the nishat spring summer collection 2013 for women the light color and trendy clothes are included. The design and vibrant patterns on nishat linen are very pretty and attractive. You can prepared stylish and trendy dresses from nishat linen summer collection 2013. Nishat fabrics and nisha lawn 2013 are also ideal for girls, housewives and working women.

Nishat linen is a well-known name as a fabrics it offers fabrics for men, women and children as well as home accessories. Under the name of nisha womens fabrics are provided .naqsh is the brand of nishat for the menswear. Nisha princess and naqsh prince is the brand for kids. Every season nishat releases a new collection. Nishat collection are liked by the people all over the pakistan. Nishat stores are located in different places in pakistan and in other countries. Nishat provides its fabrics through these stores.

You can see some pictures of nishat linen summer collection2013 for women below.
487671_10151404082367438_1705351361_nNishat-Linen-Spring-Summer-1Nishat-Linen-Spring-Summer-2Nishat-Linen-Spring-Summer-3Nishat-Linen-Spring-Summer-4Nishat-Linen-Spring-Summer-5Nishat-Linen-Spring-Summer-6Nishat-Linen-Spring-Summer-7Nishat-Linen-Spring-Summer-9 (1)
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