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Main Tips For Glowing Skin In Ramadan

 Main Tips For Glowing Skin In Ramadan 
As we all know that Ramadan will be started just within a few weeks. Mostly, in Ramadan 12 hours of fasting process makes your skin appear dull and dry and by the end of the Ramadan you will find your skin to be drab, rough and dull. In this situation all the women need to fellow some best tips that can makes their skin glowing even in Ramadan.

Here we are discussing some main tips that will help you out to make your skin glowing even in Ramadan month. 
1) In Ramadan avoid eating junk food items. Keep yourself all away from chocolates, candies, French food and pizza. All theses food gives rise to pimples and acne spots over the skin. By avoiding all such foods items you can makes your skin fresh and glowing as well.
2) You must do exercise as well. In the time of fast you should do light exercise just like walking, running and playing games. You should drink 8 glasses of water so that you can help out the skin in hydration. This will also help to makes the skin glowing and fresh by the end of the day. 
3) Stress always affects the freshness of the skin so; don’t take much stress in Ramadan. Stress can give rise to the pimples and acne spots as well. 
4) Sun Rays always damage the skin cells a lot so it is most important to keep your skin all away from the exposure of the sun. You should make the use of sun screen with SPF 15 or higher for protecting the skin from sun rays. 
5) You should do cleansing of your skin with best quality cleanser almost twice times in one day. It will keep your skin clean and fresh.
Now, you don’t miss following out all theses main tips for glowing skin in the month of Ramadan. Theses tips will help to make your skin glowing and fresh throughout   the whole Ramadan.  
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