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Famous Pakistani Beauty Salons For Bridal Makeup

Famous Pakistani Beauty Salons For Bridal Makeup
There are so many beauty saloons in Pakistan for bridal make up. Do you know which are the top and well-known Pakistani beauty salons for bridal make up? Well each single year there are many beauty saloons that are coming forward in the fashion market for bridal make up.

Top And Famous Pakistani Beauty Saloons For Bridal Makeup 

 There are so many beauty saloons located in Pakistan for bridal makeup. Here we are discussing about some top and famous Pakistani beauty saloons. So, all the future brides give a look at the best and top Pakistani salons. 

                          1. Alle’nora Makeup Salon

Alle’nora is one of the most famous and well-known bridal salons in Pakistan. Alle’nora was established in the year of 1989. This salon is all supervised and running by the highly famous artist Annie Mansoor. Alle’nora is all involved in giving away the best services in the bridal makeup, party makeup and Mehndi makeup too. 

                         2.Ather Shehzad Makeup Salon

Ather Shehzad is another on e of the well-known, famous and hence fastest growing beauty saloon in Pakistan. This saloon is established by the Ather Shehzad who is one of the famous stylist and photographer. He is known as offering with the high quality of the service in the makeup looks that simple turn the women feel like glamorous. 

                            3.Depilex Beauty Parlour

Depilex is known as one of the another best beauty salons in Pakistan. They have set up their branches in different major cities of Pakistan.  Depilex Beauty Salon is run by Musrat Misbah. Apart from the make up looks, Depilex Beauty salon is also involved in giving away the service of skin care.

                             4. Mariam Bridal Salon 

Mariam Bridal Salon is run by Mariam Khawaja. Mariam Bridal Salon is located in Lahore. This bridal salon is known as one of the best salon for the bridal makeup and party makeup looks. In a short period of time they have earned the hieghts of fame and attention in the fashion marketplaces. 

                          5. Madeehas Bridal Salon

On the last we have the name of Madeehas Bridal Salon. Madeehas Bridal Salon is also one of the famous beauty salon. Madeehas Bridal Salon is established in Lahore. 

So, theses were some of the top and leading beauty salons for bridal makeup in Pakistan.  Thus, if you are searching best beauty salon! Don’t forget to experience their makeup looks and bridal makeup. 
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