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Dreamy Desires For eid 2016-17 By Zarqash

Dreamy desires eid collection 2016-17 by Zarqash is now available online. Dreamy desire is a fantastic collection for festive season 2016-17.
This collection comprises of accents to tickle the desire of just about everyone. Inspired by the romance and beauty of Lord Byron’s poetic verses, dreamy desires is a song for every woman with subtle shades and bright ones, delicate embroideries and bold patterns, for the feisty and the feminine, Each having a unique identity stitched for the inner goddess in you. 

When happens when the skills of most powerful styling & photography duo Ather Shahzad combine with the exquisite beauty of sabeeka Omam adorning most regal outfits. Through the looking eye, the stunning details of Dreamy Desire, the flirty silhouetted and sensuous femininity, the result is pure magic; in short it’s what dreams are!!!!

   Dreamy Desires For eid 2016-17 By Zarqash 

Dreamy Desires For eid 2016-17 By Zarqash Dreamy Desires For eid 2016-17 By Zarqash Reviewed by Noor Fatima on Thursday, June 09, 2016 Rating: 5

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