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Pakistani Mehndi Wedding Dresses 2018

Pakistani Mehndi Wedding Dresses 2018
Pakistani Mehndi dresses

These days wedding season is on its peak. Every girl wants to look gorgeous on her big day.  It’s a very intricate matter for a bride to choose perfect and fabulous dresses on every wedding function. Definitely, every bride want to choose such dress that prepared according to latest fashion trends. Right now is going to share with you the newest Pakistani Mehndi wedding dresses  2018 trends. 

Pakistani Mehndi Function

Pakistani mehndi function

There are many functions of Pakistani weddings like sangeet, mayo, mehndi, barat, Nikah, rukhsati, and walima.  Although all functions are very important but Mehndi is on of the most delightful function in all of them. Not only bride, every girl likes to look gorgeous on that function.  Here you get the best mehndi wedding dresses ideas for Pakistani Mehndi function

Pakistani Lehenga

Pakistani lehenga

Pakistani Lehenga is one of the popular Pakistani traditional outfits. It was most famous in our grandmothers’ era. They used to wear them as a daily wear. But now it has become the classiest trends and we are used wearing them on functions. It’s an ideal outfit for Pakistani mehndi function. There are different styles of Pakistani lehenga. Some people like to wear Pakistani lehenga with long shirt, some with short shirt or choli. Now long shirt trend has changed and it has replaced with short shirt, blouse, and choli.  

Pakistani Gharara

Pakistani gharara

Pakistani gharara is also in trends these days. It’s loveliest style among young girls and brides. Brides prefer to wear Pakistani Gharara on mehndi functions. It can give a hip royal look to any bride. It’s one of the beautiful Pakistani Mehndi wedding dresses.

Pakistani Sharara

Pakistani sharara

One of the most popular and hottest mehndi function outfits is Pakistani Sharara. 

Tail Gown Style Dresses 

Tail gown style dresses

Tail gown style dresses are also use for wedding functions. Mostly it is most popular style for wedding day but some brides prefer to wear it on mehndi function.  

Pakistani Shalwar kameez

Pakistani shalwar kameez

Shalwar kameez is the national dress of Pakistan. Although different styles’ trousers are used along with kameez but shalwar is also a part of latest fashion trends. Nowadays, various kinds of shalwar are available in fashion markets. Pakistani shalwar kameez is a traditional outfit for mehndi function. It gives an outstanding traditional look on any event. 

Short Frocks with churidar pajama 

short frocks with churidar pajama

Churidar pajama is always remaining the part of functional dresses. Sometimes Churidar pajama comes along with long frocks and sometimes with short frocks. Churidar pajama along with short and long shirts is also the part of functional outfits. 

Colours Combinations for Mehndi Dresses 2018

Colours Combinations

In Pakistan typical yellow along with green is the most adopted colours combination that brides like to add in their mehndi dress. But now trend has changed brides and girls like to wear different colors instead of typical yellow color. These days violet yellow, turquoise purple and yellow, orange green, green red, orange pink, red yellow, pistachio are the best Colours combinations for mehndi dresses 2018.
Mehndi colors 18

Mehndi dresses 18

pakistani mehndi trends 18

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