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Chenone Pareesa Lawn 2018


Chenone is a chain of fashion stores by Chenab Group based in Faisalabad. It was founded in 1997 by Mian Muhammad Latif and Mian Muhammad Naeem. Chenone has many sub brands that provides fashion accessories, home accessories and so on.  Chenone is famous for its high quality materials. Recently, Chenone has presented Pareesa Lawn 2018 for spring summer season.



Pareesa is a sub brand by Chenone fashion label. Pareesa deals with women’s clothes. Pareesa provides seasonal and festival, formal dresses for women. After many successful launch of Pareesa winter collection now Chenone has presented Pareesa lawn spring summer collection 2018 for women.

 Pareesa Lawn

pareesa lawn

Pareesa lawn spring summer collection 2018 is walking around the cultural direction and part of our heritage that aesthetically merge with undying classic yet very modern patterns. Pareesa Luxury lawn has creatively made to execute women’s’ dreams and vision.  So, remark your styles with Pareesa lawn glorious designs. 
luxury lawn

lawn suits
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